Paolo Scordino's speech at the meeting of Monitorimmobiliare: "Real Estate Funds between extensions and polarization, what are investors looking for in the market?"

The free admission meeting "Real estate funds between extensions and polarization: what are investors looking for in the market?”, held on March 27, is the second appointment of the meeting agenda organized by Monitorimmobiliare, in collaboration with Eire and Assoimmobiliare, for the real estate community interested in analyzing the contemporary themes with their protagonists.

Among the speakers, Paolo Scordino, CEO of Prelios Sgr, presented the critical points and the main strengths of the fund market in Italy: on one side, a mature segment under the public eye because of the deadline of many products and characterized by a strong pressure of the values; on the other side, a sector that is awakening the interest of opportunistic investors, as turned out by the great extraordinary transactions of the last times, that gave a significant shock to the industry, impacting on NAV and on market prices, as well as a considerable gap reduction between these two values.