Luke Jonathan Brucato took part at the convention: "Unione Bancaria e Basilea 3 - Risk & Supervision 2017"

Luke Jonathan Brucato, Head of Business Development of Prelios Valuations & e-Services, took part, as spokesman, at the convention: ""Unione Bancaria e Basilea 3 - Risk & Supervision 2017", promoted by ABI.

At the end of his presentation, he has declared: "As the main partner to the Italian banks for the valuation of property given as collateral for receivables, at the ABI Basel 3 conference Prelios Valuations shared the way it is providing its property asset information, more than 20 years of experience in real estate, and the increasing amount of territorial big data, in order to provide innovative instruments to manage mortgage credit risk to the banks’ risk management departments. Historically, banks have developed sophisticated analytical debtor risk models, but today we see that the regulator is asking the sector to rethink the measurement of property collateral risk even from the point of view of the sustainability of the valuations in the short to medium term. This is done to guarantee regulatory compliance with regard to the mitigation of credit risk on mortgage loans, and to reduce unexpected losses resulting from less reliable property valuations or changes in the market that were not immediately identified".


Below, the interview to Luke Brucato at the end of the convention.