Green Days at the Bicocca Village: When Recycling Becomes Art

Environment, education and arts: today the Bicocca Village, the shopping center managed by Prelios Integra and owned by Olinda fund, is opening the GREEN DAYS, the two-week event on sustainable art sponsored by the Province of Milan.

From 12 to 19 May the Village will provide the setting for a series of EcoCreative Workshops involving the students of the  Collegio Pio XI of Desio and the Guizart Cultural Association, which has always been proactive in the promotion of arts initiatives enhancing recycling and rediscovering the purpose and meaning of waste materials, with the participation of Yael Reuveni (Cow Art), the Israeli artist who has chosen mosaic for work and passion.

The exclusive works created will be exhibited to the public at the Bicocca Village from 19 to 25 May: not simply a showcase but also a precious opportunity to raise environmental awareness.