"General Counsel of the year" award to the Prelios Legal, Corporate Affairs and Group Compliance team

 Last October 8, the Prelios “Legal, Corporate Affairs and Group Compliance” team (Bonanno Chiara, Frizzi Matteo, Gasbarro Luca, Mondello Caterina, Sanna Ramona, Stipiti Claudia) led by Massimo Marinelli,  won the "General Counsel of the year".

In an exclusive gala dinner, attended by about 400 people, Inhousecommunity.it, in collaboration with Partners, Castaldi Mourre & Eversheds and K&L Gates, and with the sponsorship of SID Investigation and Wolters Kluwer and the ICM partnership Advisors, legalcommunity.it and financecommunity.it, brought together companies from different market sectors, with the aim of bringing out the best in the world of business lawyers — the profession of legal market that has recently lived great growth and evolution. In House Team of the year for Real Estate is Prelios, who wins because "over the past few years has experienced an important reorganization keeping high its credibility and that of its legal team."