Danilo Ratti, Head of Technical Management of Prelios SGR at the Deep Renovation Conference

Danilo Ratti, Head of Technical Management at Prelios SGR, spoke on Thursday, 5 April 2018, as a speaker at the Deep Renovation Conference, organised in Milan by the National Council of Commercial Centres.


Danilo Ratti, Head of Technical Management di Prelios SGR al convegno Deep Renovations

During the conference, which focused on the refurbishment of existing commercial structures, cases were analysed that implemented or are implementing "radical redevelopment" strategies, with a focus on new trends in sustainability, technology and architecture.

Specifically, Danilo's speech discussed the multi-award-winning FICO Eataly World project created by the municipal area of CAAB, the Agrifood Centre of Bologna, as an example of successful redevelopment. "FICO Eataly World is the largest agri-food park in the world," he said. "It is an investment that brings public and private worlds together, while it is simultaneously a project that produces effects for the real economy, with the creation of 900 direct jobs and 4,000 others indirectly".

Winner of the MIPIM Award 2018 in Cannes in the commercial centre category, FICO Eataly World "was a project that followed an important driver of sustainability throughout the course of its development, with full energy refurbishment", said Ratti. "The complete replacement of electrical and mechanical systems took place - from power stations to devices - and the existing photovoltaic system was enhanced. The FICO project also did not involve the use of any land with respect to that existing.”