The Board of Directors Appoints Andrea Cornetti General Manager of the Company

Milan, 29 September 2016 The Board of Directors of Prelios SGR, which met today, has expanded all the executive powers granted to Andrea Cornetti, appointing him General Manager of the Company

The Board of Directors expressed satisfaction with the choice, wishing to Andrea Cornetti every success.

The Chairman of Prelios SGR, Alberto Rossetti: “Andrea Cornetti is an able and experienced professional and we are pleased to promote career paths of our professionals, whose competence is recognized by the Market”.

With 29 funds under management as at 30 June 2016, of which one listed, Prelios SGR achieved, in 2015, total assets under management amounting to approximately 3.8 billion Euro.


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He joined Prelios SGR in 2013, first as Head of Business Development, Fund Raising & Investor Relations, managing the establishment of 4 new real estate alternative investment funds; from May 2015, Chief Investment Officer and, from June 2016, General Manager in charge of business.

Previously, Cornetti has gained significant professional experience, including international ones, in the advisory and asset management field and, in particular, in the business development field.