Arcadia Center project presented by Mauro Fiori, Prelios Agency, and Giuseppe Tortato Architect

“Flexible spaces, energy certification and easy access to public transport: these are the main factors driving the growth of the office properties market in Italy, especially in Milan and Rome,” comments Mauro Fiori, Head of Institutional Leasing at Prelios Agency.

These characteristics denote the Arcadia Center, the office building currently being redeveloped in Via Grosio, Milan, for which Prelios Agency acted as leasing advisor to the Immobilium 2001 Fund managed by Investire SGR.

The Arcadia Center, which will house Volkswagen’s new offices, will undergo a complete renovation, under the sartorial project developed by architect Giuseppe Tortato. “We wanted to restore the dynamic nature of the original architectural layout, which had been lost over the years as the result of a series of interventions,” says Tortato. “We’ve done this by eliminating all non-structural elements and creating an entirely new building, not just as regards the sinuous design of the facades, but above all in terms of the technology content and comfort provided for end users.”

The Arcadia Center is not just design, it is a building due to receive Leed Silver certification, a protocol attributed only to buildings with an exceptionally low eco-environmental impact. In other words, an ambitious project with a powerful personality.