Asset management, credit servicing and integrated real estate services

Through dedicated Business Units and a high degree of professionalism, the Prelios Group offers consolidated know-how and expert skills in asset management, credit servicing and integrated real estate services.

Real estate funds and assets management

Prelios SGR


Prelios SGR is a leading Italian real estate asset and fund manager, whose know-how has won international recognition. Set up in 2003, Prelios SGR, currently, manages 32 alternative investment funds (2 of which, PAI and Enasarco, are umbrella funds) and 3 portfolios through asset management agreements, with a total AUM value of around 4 billion Euro. The funds managed by Prelios SGR comprise a broad diversified base of around 180 Italian and international investors, including insurers, pension funds, foundations, financial institutions and sovereign funds.

Performing & non performing loans management

Prelios Credit Servicing


Prelios Credit Servicing (PRECS) has been the leading player in the non-performing exposures (NPE) sector for thirty years. It was founded in 1986 as SIB (Servizi Immobiliari Banche) and, thanks to a truly unique track record, has become one of the largest, most reliable and best-qualified independent platforms specializing in the management of non-performing loans, a genuine point of reference in the secured segment.
PRECS operates as an independent institutional financial intermediary registered on the Financial Intermediaries Register managed by the Bank of Italy, pursuant to art. 106 of Italy's Consolidated Banking Act (TUB). The company is also an authorized operator under art. 115 of Italy’s Consolidated Public Order Act (TULPS).
Over the years, PRECS’ senior management has built up extensive expertise in the management, recovery and value enhancement of non-performing loans, through involvement in major Italian securitization transactions.

Integrated services for property & project management

Prelios Integra


Prelios Integra handles the management of properties on behalf of large public and private real estate players, and the planning and development of large-scale initiatives for a wide variety of clients.
Prelios Integra is Italy’s leading provider of real estate services and was the first operator to specialize in these high-value-added services. It has been active in Integrated Property Services for more than twenty years, and in 2014 it also expanded its operations into Engineering

Brokerage and agency

Prelios Agency


Prelios Agency is one of Italy’s leading property consultancy firms, with an outstanding track record and over twenty years of experience.
Prelios Agency specializes in property advice and intermediation. It offers a complete range of advisory, brokerage and agency opinion services for both private and institutional investors, through teams organized by market segments and client types.

Advisory & valuations of real estate assets

Prelios Valuations


For over twenty years, Prelios Valuations has been one of the leading Italian property valuation companies, providing professional services with a high degree of technological and innovative content.
Prelios Valuations operates across the whole of Italy through a network of 800 professionals with decades of experience, managed by a central structure and regional offices. The network has grown stronger over the years through continuous technical quality monitoring and structured selection and verification activities.
Prelios Valuations is registered as a company regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality system.

Integrated services for real estate assets

Prelios Immobilien Management


Prelios Immobilien Management(Prelios IM)  is a leading specialist for commercial real estate in Germany - with around 2 billion euros in assets under management and a managed transaction volume of more than 3.6 billion euros
Prelios IM is specialised in commercial real estate with a focus on retail real estate. As an integrated real estate and investment service provider, it offers a full range of integrated services to institutional and private investors from a single source. Throughout Germany, we develop tailored property and service concepts and location-specific solutions for existing properties as well as property developments. We take care of all management activities and execute all required steps.

Real estate services & consulting

Real Estate Advisory


Prelios Real Estate Advisory provides in Poland specialist services in the field of property investment advisory, including brokerage and asset management.
Prelios Real Estate Advisory business model will be aimed at providing professional advisory on every stage of an investment project, from carrying out market analysis, locating, selecting and recommending suitable projects, auditing, carrying out due diligence, arranging the financing, servicing the purchase to comprehensive asset management including tenant contract management and, potentially, the sale of the property.


Assets under management

Company€ bln
Credit Servicing 10
Integra 6
Immobilien Management 2

Prelios also works internationally, in Germany via a highly specialized organization in the commercial sector, and in Poland, in the management and evaluation of development opportunities.


The strength of Prelios lies in its people, their proven professionalism and excellent skills. The Group has over four hundred employees, including property asset managers, portfolio managers, lawyers, experts in real estate finance, property technicians, town planners, architects, engineers, valuers. It also works with a network of more than 1,500 external consultants located throughout Italy, experts in their respective fields as well as in competitive judicial proceedings. The result is a precise, detailed vision of industry trends and growth forecasts that assists Prelios in its decision-making processes, investment strategy planning and the mitigation of risk.

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