As a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and in keeping with the tradition of following best practices in corporate governance, Prelios has worked hard to implement an advanced system of corporate governance rules and to develop thorough and transparent communications with all its shareholders.

For 2016 Prelios drafted a report on corporate governance and ownership structure, in accordance with Art. 123-bis of the Consolidated Finance Act, Art. 89-bis of the CONSOB regulations for issuers, and the instructions annexed to the regulations for official markets operated by Borsa Italiana3. The complete report is available at

Since 2002, when it went public, Prelios has followed the “Code of Conduct” issued by the Committee for the Corporate Governance of Listed Companies4. Later, the new Corporate Governance Code (March 2006 edition) was fully implemented, announcing this change to the market.

Overall, the implementation of corporate governance measures aims to foster integrity, transparency and efficiency in the operation of our business, by improving relations between owners and managers and between majority and minority shareholders, since the protection of minority interests is central to the concept of corporate governance. Likewise, we aim to ensure sustainable, long-term growth and development, in the interests of all of our stakeholders. Since 2004, Prelios has approved a series of statutory amendments with the aim of encouraging ever-greater participation of all shareholders in the corporate life and strategic decisions, extending among other things the “preference list” voting system from the election of statutory auditors to the election of directors, and establishing rules for the orderly and effective running of shareholders’ meetings.

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